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REVIEW: ” SILVER LININGS” by Patricia Logan

silver lining

TITLE: Silver Linings
AUTHOR: Patricia Logan
PUBLISHER: Westburg Publishing
GENRE: BDSM Thriller
SERIE: Silvers Book #4
PRICE: 3,92 €
LENGHT: 219 pages

BLURB: LAPD detective Cassidy Ryan has been living with his Dom, Zachary Teak, for more than two years. Having met when a serial killer targeted gay members of the online BDSM club owned by Zack, the men think they’ve put the past behind them… until another victim turns up.
When Zack receives a threatening note from the killer, the man convicted of the crimes becomes the focus of the investigation. Cassidy and Zack are thrown back into a nightmare and find the wonderful life they’ve built together unravelling.
Letting Cassidy take charge of their lives in order to protect Zack, is a hard thing for the Dom to take but his cop knows the score and protecting Zack is his priority even if that means ruffling the Dom’s feathers.
As the body count rises, the strength of their love will be tested as never before… because every story deserves… a silver lining.


FedericaCassidy and Zach are back, and they come back in a big way!
Silver Linings is the highly anticipated sequel to Silver Chains and, although there is always the bdsm element, the attention is more focused on the relationship of our favorite characters.
Some bodies are found tortured exactly in the same pattern of the killer who is in prison for the last two years, the same event during which Zach and Cassidy met and began their relationship.
Zach receives a strange note, a death threat that thrusts their lives back into a whirlwind of violence and fear.
Cassidy has no choice but to assume the role of protector, and he would do anything to save his man. And even if Zach is not enthusiastic, he agrees to submit to the rules of Cass and he leaves it to him to take care of their safety, but he most certainly will not stand in the corner to watch.
Although respecting and following the decisions of his detective, he most certainly will not fail in providing for the needs of his sub, but he will always be the anchor that keeps Cass in the right place.
Silver Chains was the first book I read by Patricia Logan, and Cassidy and Zach immediately hooked me although I admit that some of the dynamics left me a bit puzzled.
I don’t understand and it did not convince me that this virile cop, this alpha male, has submitted himself so easily to this charming Dom, and the suspense was solved a bit too easily. Here, in this sequel, all my doubts disappeared.
First, it is a thriller, well built, with a solid and compelling story line. The author kept the reader questioning until the end.
Those who love hot sexy scenes, the sensual and erotic scenes that Mrs. Logan describes with such mastery, will not be disappointed. But I think in this book the story is so much richer and meaningful now that the relationship between the two protagonists is more solid and real.
The relationship between Zach and Cass is thorough and while in the first book, BDSM was a new experience for Cassidy, now this is the completion of a deep love between the two protagonists, and people like me who loved this couple cannot help but fall in love with this book.

A 5 stars novel



“How do you want me to take you, Cassidy?” Zack asked between bites.
Cassidy looked over at his Dom, just a little surprised. “You’re asking me?”
Zack smiled at him and he could see the lust glittering in the dark orbs. “Yes. Sometimes… but don’t make a big deal out of it, Cass. It won’t be happening every time.”
Cassidy had somehow expected that answer and the growl in Zack’s voice was such a turn-on, he felt his cock begin to swell as he stared at him. Jesus, I’m the luckiest bastard on the planet. Cassidy knew how damned lucky he was to have found a man whom he could call soul mate. So few people ever did but he knew he had… every single goddamned time he looked at him.
“If that’s the case, Zack. I want my Dom in our bed tonight. I want you hot, hard, demanding… I want you to hold me down. I… I… may fight you, Sir…”
“You want me to work out your aggression?” Zack’s face was very serious.
Cassidy could see the Dominant rise to the surface in two point two seconds. He knew Zack loved seeing him capitulate to his demands and even more importantly, he loved doing just that.
“Yeah. The way I feel right now, Zack…”
“You want to hurt someone, don’t you?” Zack asked, though it wasn’t really a question. He’d nailed it.
Zack pushed his empty plate back and stood up, holding out his hand. “Come, boy. Let your Dom take care of that.”


Sono tornati Cassidy e Zach, e tornano in grande stile!Federica
Silver linings è l’attesissimo seguito di “Catene d’argento” e, seppur ci sia sempre, ovviamente, l’elemento bdsm, qui non la fa da padrone, ma l’attenzione è focalizzata sul rapporto dei nostri amati protagonisti.
Vengono rinvenuti dei corpi martoriati esattamente secondo lo schema del killer che è in prigione da ormai due anni, lo stesso caso durante il quale Cassidy e Zach si sono conosciuti e hanno iniziato la loro relazione.
Zach riceve uno strano biglietto, una minaccia di morte che fa ripiombare la loro vita in un turbine di violenza e paura.
Cassidy non può fare altro che assumere il ruolo di protettore, farebbe qualsiasi cosa per salvare il suo uomo e Zach seppur non entusiasta, accetta di sottostare alle regole del bel poliziotto e lasciare che sia lui ad occuparsi della loro sicurezza, ma non starà certo in un angolo a guardare.
Seppur rispettando e seguendo le decisioni del suo detective, certo non sottovaluta i bisogni del suo sub, ma sarà sempre l’ancora che tiene Cass nella giusta dimensione.
“Catene d’argento” è stato il primo libro di Patricia Logan che ho letto e Zach e Cassidy mi avevano subito conquistato, anche se ammetto che alcune dinamiche mi avevano lasciata un po’ perplessa.
Non mi convinceva fino in fondo questo poliziotto virile, questo maschio alpha, che si sottometteva così facilmente a questo affascinante Dom e il giallo di sottofondo era stato risolto un po’ troppo facilmente. Ecco in questo seguito tutte le mie perplessità sono scomparse.
Innanzitutto è un thriller ben costruito, con una trama solida e avvincente. La logan riesce a tenere con il fiato sospeso fino alla fine.
Chi ama le parti bollenti, le scene erotiche e sensuali che la Logan sa descrive con tanta maestria non verrà certo deluso. Secondo me, però, in questo libro, assume più ricchezza e completezza perché adesso il rapporto fra i due protagonisti è più solido e reale.
Il rapporto fra Zach e Cass viene approfondito e mentre prima le pratiche bdsm erano la scoperta di una nuova dimensione per Cassady, adesso sono il completamento di un amore profondo fra i due protagonisti e chi come me ha amato questa coppia non può che innamorarsi di questo libro.

4 commenti su “REVIEW: ” SILVER LININGS” by Patricia Logan

  1. Tina
    11 giugno 2015

    Come sempre la mia solita domanda per noi povere lettrici che non leggiamo in inglese, questo libro sarà un giorno tradotto in italiano ? 🙂

    "Mi piace"

  2. Tina
    11 giugno 2015

    Grazie é fantastico adoro Zach e Cassidy !

    "Mi piace"


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